Exhibitions Metalworking

    Metalworking, Welding and Cutting exhibitions were held in Minsk on April 4.
    International specialized exhibitions “Metalworking-2017”, “Welding and cutting”, “Powder Metallurgy”, “Corrosion Protection. Coatings” The Industrial and Technological Forum was held from April 4-7, 2017 in the Football Arena of Minsk as part of the well-known and authoritative exhibitions “Metalworking”, “Welding and Cutting”, “Powder Metallurgy”, “Corrosion Protection. Coatings”.


    The theme of the exhibitions covers a wide range of industrial technologies in the field of metalworking, mechanical engineering, welding and cutting, structural materials, resource conservation.
    More than 200 companies from 19 countries took part in the exhibitions: Belarus, Russia, Brazil, Israel, Italy, Spain, China, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan, Sweden.

    The participants demonstrated the products of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial equipment.

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