Horizontal broaching machine for internal stretching mod. 7A545

Горизонтально-протяжные станки для внутреннего протягивания
Горизонтально-протяжные станки для внутреннего протягивания


The machine is designed for processing through holes of various shapes and sizes by stretching: round and slotted holes, keyways, etc. Versatility, availability for changeover, the possibility of installing large and heavy machined parts, the possibility of equipping with devices for stretching external surfaces provide these machines with wide application in enterprises with a large range of manufactured products, and the ease of equipping with automatic devices for loading and unloading machined parts makes them effective when used in enterprises with large-scale and mass production. According to orders, the machines are equipped with nozzles for processing one or more specific parts, and are also supplied without a side bed and for processing two parts simultaneously.

Technical specifications:

Rated tractive effort

630 kN

Maximum stroke length

2000 mm

The largest diameter of the workpiece

800 mm

Working stroke speed

1...7 m/min

Main drive power

45 kW


10850 kg


9135 mm


2450 mm


1810 mm

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