Vertical broaching machine for external stretching model MP7A733

Вертикально-протяжной станок для наружного протягивания МП7А733
Вертикально-протяжной станок для наружного протягивания МП7А733


The machine is designed for stretching external surfaces of various shapes and sizes.

The machine is most expedient to use at large-scale and mass production enterprises, but it is also effective with less serial production.

The advantages of the vertical layout of the machine are the saving of the working area of the workshop, as well as optimal conditions for automating the loading and unloading of machined parts and the integration of machines into automatic lines.

In addition to the main version of the machine, which has a table with a rectilinear approach, depending on the conditions of installation, clamping and removal of specific machined parts, variants with a tipping or diverting rotary table can be made.

According to orders, the machine can be equipped with clamping devices, as well as supplied in various versions according to the degree of automation due to the equipment with loading and unloading devices, including manipulators.

Technical specifications:

Rated tractive effort

250 kN

Maximum stroke length

1250 mm

The largest diameter of the workpiece

- mm

Working stroke speed

1,5...13 m/min

Main drive power

37 kW


9900 kg


4420 mm


2480 mm


3720 mm

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