Vertical double broaching machine model MP7A784

Вертикально-протяжной сдвоенный станок модели МП7А784
Вертикально-протяжной сдвоенный станок модели МП7А784


The machine is designed for stretching external surfaces of various shapes and sizes.
A feature of the machines is the presence of two working sleds and two underwater tables compactly combined in one frame. Maintenance of both tables is carried out from one workplace, and the loading of the processed parts is carried out on one of the machine tables, while the second table participates in the automatic cycle of the machine.
In addition to the main version of the machine model MP7A784, which has a table with a rectilinear approach, a variant with a tilting table (model MP7A784-100) can be made.
On request, the machine can be equipped with clamping devices, and also supplied in various versions due to the degree of automation by equipping loading and unloading devices, including manipulators.

Technical specifications:

Rated tractive effort

250 kN

Maximum stroke length

1600 mm

The largest diameter of the workpiece

- mm

Working stroke speed

1,5...13 m/min

Main drive power

37 kW


17400 kg


3850 mm


3160 mm


4415 mm

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