Vertical machine for internal stretching mod.7А635

Вертикально-протяжной станок
Вертикально-протяжной станок


The machine is designed for processing by stretching a variety of through holes: round, spline, keyways, screw slots and grooves, etc.

The advantages of the vertical layout of machines are the saving of the working area of the workshop, as well as the best conditions for automating the loading and unloading of machined parts and the integration of machines into automatic lines.

High-performance work is facilitated by the presence of a design for simultaneous processing of two or three parts with two or three broaches, as well as equipping machines with automatic broach changers for multi-pass stretching.

Technical specifications:

Rated tractive effort

250 kN

Maximum stroke length

2000 mm

The largest diameter of the workpiece

410 mm

Working stroke speed

1,5...13 m/min

Main drive power

37 kW


12500 kg


4100 mm


2590 mm


6880 mm

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