Abrasive cutting machine model MP6-1648

Абразивно-отрезной станок модели МП6-1648 без фона
Абразивно-отрезной станок модели МП6-1648 без фона


The MP6-1648 machine is designed for cutting bulk-heated rails P65 and P75.

Cutting is carried out by cutting circles without cooling with forced extraction of combustion products into the shop ventilation system.

The rotation of the cutting wheel is carried out by an electric motor mounted on the spindle headstock. The feed of the spindle headstock, clamping and unclenching of the rail being cut, as well as its lifting and lowering, is performed by the hydraulic drive of the machine.

The machines are used on rail welding trains and in the metallurgical industry.

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Technical specifications:

Processed rail

Р65; Р75 mm

Tool Dimensions

abrasive wheel 900; abrasive wheel 1200 mm


3600 m/min

Main drive power

136,12 kW


8000 kg


4290 mm


3270 mm


2400 mm

Machine options:

Machine options

Rail cutting with a band saw

Machine options

Drilling holes using coolant

Machine options

Vertical rail clamp during processing

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