Band-cutting machine for cutting rails MP6-1954

Ленточно-отрезной станок для порезки рельсов МП6-1954
Ленточно-отрезной станок для порезки рельсов МП6-1954


The manual band-cutting machine MP6-1954 is designed for cutting loose and bulky rails of type P65, P50. A bimetallic saw, which is a closed steel band, is used as a cutting tool on the machine.

The machine is equipped with an automatic sensor for monitoring the rupture of the band saw, a cooling system, a brush for cleaning the band saw.

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Technical specifications:

Processed rail

Р50; Р65 mm

Tool Dimensions

Bimetallic band saw 13х0,6х1920 mm


60 m/min

Main drive power

0,25 kW


50 kg


1100 mm


290 mm


560 mm

Machine options:

Machine options

Rail cutting with a band saw

Machine options

Drilling holes using coolant

Machine options

Vertical rail clamp during processing

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