Band-cutting machine semi-automatic with rotary frame MP6-1970

Ленточно-отрезной станок
Ленточно-отрезной станок


The machine is designed for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals of various profiles into dimensional blanks.

A bimetallic saw in the form of a closed band with teeth made of high-speed steel on a cobalt base or a hard alloy is used as a cutting tool.

The introduction of band-cutting machines will provide  Maximum benefits and advantages for your company:

minimal metal waste into the chips by reducing the width of the cut;
reducing the power of the main drive and reducing power consumption;
increasing the productivity of the segments by increasing the cutting speed and the minute feed of the cutting tool.

The use of the machine is especially effective when cutting expensive metals and alloys, as well as when cutting various thin-walled profiles.

The electrical circuit for controlling the machine cycle is built on the basis of a programmable controller (PC).

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Technical specifications:

Dimensions of processed parts

up to 320 mm

500х320 mm

Dimensions of the cutting tool (tape)

34х1,1х4400 mm


15…150 m/min

Main drive power

3 kW


1200 kg


2100 mm


1280 mm


2030 mm

Machine options:

Machine options

Bimetallic Band Saw

Machine options

Cutting of the workpiece with the use of coolant

Machine options

Brush for cleaning the band saw from chips

Machine options

Non-drive roller shutters with a length of 2m (on request)

Machine options

Batch cutting (on request)

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