Drilling and cutting disc machine MP6-1515-003

Сверлильно-отрезной дисковый станок
Сверлильно-отрезной дисковый станок


The machine is designed for simultaneous drilling of 6 holes in volume-hardened rails, as well as for cutting rails.

The holes in rails P65 and P75 are processed with carbide drills, and in rails P50 – with high-speed drills according to GOST 10903-77. Rails are cut with saws, the teeth of which are equipped with a hard alloy, as well as disc segment saws for metal according to GOST 4047-82. Cutting is performed at an angle of 90 ° to the axis of the workpiece being cut.

The machine can be integrated into mechanized lines for processing rails of rail welding trains and in the equipment of switch plants.

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Technical specifications:

Processed rail

P65; P75; L=500... 12500 mm

Tool Dimensions

saw D 630, drill bit D 36 mm


12,3 m/min

Main drive power

15 kW


9400 kg


5130 mm


2400 mm


1840 mm

Machine options:

Machine options

Rail cutting with a band saw

Machine options

Drilling holes using coolant

Machine options

Vertical rail clamp during processing

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