Electric welding machine model MP8-1919

Электросварочный станок модели МП8-1919
Электросварочный станок модели МП8-1919


The electric welding machine of the MP8-1919 model is designed for contact butt welding of end tools with a diameter of 10 to 60 mm from different grades of steels.   Welding of two workpieces is carried out by the method of melting with heating in order to reduce the carbon monoxide of the workpieces being welded.

The machine is designed for welding tool and carbon steels. In order to reduce the fumes, it has a method of welding by melting with heating, which includes 4 stages: heating, melting, sediment under current, sediment without current.

A relay control system is used on the machine. The machine has 2 cycles of operation: adjustment and semi-automatic.

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Technical specifications:

The workpiece being processed

⌀ 10...60
L=50...250 mm

The highest precipitation rate

до 14510 kgf

Clamping force

до 10000 kgf

The highest precipitation rate

15 mm/sec


3PEN-380B 50Hz V

Number of control steps

8 pc


2500 kg


1780 mm


2000 mm


1870 mm

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