Rail grinding machine model MP6-1995

Рельсошлифовальный станок модели МП6-1995
Рельсошлифовальный станок модели МП6-1995


The MP6-1995 machine is designed for grinding (stripping) the rail head and welded joints on the working surface of the rail according to GOST R GOST 51685-2000, including the coupling radii and side faces in one working cycle.

Grinding of the rail head (stripping after welding) is carried out by a grinding wheel with the translational movement of a carriage carrying an electric motor, on the shaft of which a grinding wheel is fixed through the sleeve. The carriage moves along the rail manually on rollers mounted on supports. To prevent the carriage from detaching from the rail during operation, side thrust rollers mounted on supports are provided. The wear compensation of the circle and the amount of the allowance to be removed are carried out by turning the handwheel.

The machine provides adjustment of the position of the protective casing along the axis of the spindle (according to the wear of the abrasive tool).

The machine has a direct transmission between the electric motor and the grinding wheel through an adapter that protects the motor from vibrations transmitted from the grinding wheel.

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Technical specifications:

Processed rail

Р50; Р65 mm

Tool Dimensions

grinding wheel150х72х55 mm


22 m/min

Main drive power

3 kW


45 kg


1100 mm


430 mm


800 mm

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